Widex Hearing Aids

What's New? Widex Beyond!

Widex Beyond Hearing Aids

The new Widex BEYOND Made-for-iPhone hearing aid is designed to deliver a high level of connectivity and sound. It automatically adapts your hearing aids to the listening situation you are in, making sure that the sound you get is optimized to the environment you are entering.


  • Easy swipe technology, with an App that can be customized for sound settings and listening programs
  • Instant connection to iPhones, T-Coils, and Widex assistive listening devices
  • 30 percent better speech understanding in wind, and a comfortable, natural sound in all listening situations
  • Brilliant streaming sound when listening to music, taking phone calls, or watching TV
  • Fewer battery changes, with the longest battery life in the industry

The Widex Beyond allows full streaming functionality and control over the listening environment so hearing aid wearers are seamlessly connected anywhere and anytime – and provides connectivity between their hearing aids. The app interface can be personalized by wearers, and also utilizes the familiar swipe functionality for easy navigation.


Widex Unique Hearing Aids

The Widex Unique hearing system is different in the way it captures, purifies, and processes more of the sounds in all of your dynamic listening environments. It offers four technology levels and models to suit every hearing loss, personal preferences, and different budgets.


  • A wider sound picture - so you can hear both soft and loud sounds in comfort.
  • Wind noise reduction system that dramatically reduces the intensity of wind noise while preserving speech sounds, even soft speech.
  • It detects your listening situation automatically and makes sure you hear the right sound at the right time in the right place.

The UNIQUE experience goes beyond just the hearing aid. For many people, using mobile phones has become part of daily life. The hands-free COM-DEX works seamlessly with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones to stream high-fidelity sound. Your hearing aid can also be controlled remotely with the COM-DEX app, easy-to-use and a convenient way to adjust volume, sound direction and program settings.


All hearing aid users want to hear the best possible sound. Achieving this is the goal of any hearing aid manufacturer. But what makes Widex different is their broad-based approach to getting the most natural sound possible out of all the hearing aids they develop.


They do this by focusing on technology that helps you not just to hear speech or loud sounds – but all the sounds in the real world clearly. Being able to hear speech and conversation is essential, but in order to obtain a real-world listening experience, you need hearing aids that can help you hear the full spectrum of sounds.

All Widex hearing aids are designed so that subtle soft sounds are amplified enough to be heard while loud sounds are heard but do not sound uncomfortable – in other words, a real-world listening experience. This forms the basis for what they call the Widex Sound.

Find out if Widex is right for you! If you are interested in knowing more about Widex Hearing Aids, call Tustin Hearing Center for your personalized appointment. We work closely with you to have a clear understanding and explanation of your personal hearing situation so we can provide hearing aid recommendations to meet your individual needs, with the complete follow up care that you deserve!

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