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Our mission is to provide a REMARKABLE experience for our patients by exceeding the expectations through exceptional service, expertise and technology.

Better Hearing Event: Feb 12 - 16

Test-drive our new hearing devices from our top-tier manufacturers Starkey, Oticon, Widex, ReSound, Lyric, AGX, and more!

What's new with hearing aids?

Our six Doctors of Audiology have had the advantage of working with the new hearing technology in the hearing aid industry over the last several months. Find out what they've learned!

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Our experienced Audiologists and caring team.

At Tustin Hearing Center, we strive to create a remarkable experience for our patients every day, and that starts with our Doctors of Audiology. With high-level training in the prevention, assessment, and treatment of hearing loss — as well as more than 50 years of combined experience and a passion for patient care — our team is dedicated to serving you.

Janell Reid, Audiologist
Linda Farrow, Audiologist
Dan Finnegan, Audiologist
Sneha Hinduja, Audiologist
Alison P. Goren, Audiologist
Kasra Abolhosseini

Hearing every moment of your life. Let's take this steo together.
Alison With Patient

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I'm so happy we came in and saw Dr. Kasra!
My father was very hesitant about the whole process of addressing his hearing loss. His hearing got to a place where he really needed to come in and we made the appointment. I was throughly surprised. Dr. Kasra was very knowledgeable and passionate which is so refreshing. He spent time explaining everything to my father. I am so appreciative to Dr. Kasra for his patience and understanding. Tustin Hearing Center and their staff exemplify what healthcare should be like. I highly recommend Dr. Kasra to anyone who wants to hear better!

- Reza G.
November 26, 2017, Yelp

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