Tustin Hearing Center: The Journey to Better Hearing

Welcome to Tustin Hearing Center, where we specialize in helping patients with hearing loss improve their life with our comprehensive hearing care and hearing solutions. By providing a full range of audiologic care, including hearing tests and hearing aids, Tustin Hearing Center is able to assist you with your hearing problem. If you or a family member is experiencing hearing difficulty, let us help you.

Janell Reid, Au.D. founded Tustin Hearing Center in 1989 to provide comprehensive hearing care to patients in Orange County. During these 22 years, Tustin Hearing Center has earned the reputation as a premier hearing center recommended by physicians and patients alike. The staff of distinguished Audiologists at Tustin Hearing Center is known for their impressive credentials, vast experience, expert advice and excellent patient care.

For many people, hearing loss begins slowly and gradually. Many do not notice for months or even years that their sense of hearing has diminished. Realizing that your hearing is not what it once was is often very difficult. At Tustin Hearing Center, we understand your unique situation and will walk beside you to help you understand your condition and help you find the right solution for your individual needs. The journey to better hearing will be easier when you have patient, experienced and compassionate assistance from Tustin Hearing Center. Let us help you enjoy the sound of life!