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Tustin Hearing Center values our patients, and providing them with the best quality and professional care is our priority. There is no better reward than helping a patient Enjoy the Sound of Life! Read below to hear what our patients have to stay about their Tustin Hearing Center experience, and how hearing aids have changed their lives.

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Healthy Hearing Reviews

Dr. Dan Finnegan is fantastic! He worked with my wife and me and brought us to our proper level in a relatively short time. I hate to take my aids out before bed time and I am quick to activate them each morning. I could not be more pleased.

of Orange, CA   
Jul 13, 2017

I like the individual attention. The doctor tries to accommodate you to the fullest and always makes time to see you when you have a problem. I like the option for anytime walk-ins on Thursday. The office staff also is very helpful and aims to please.

of Tustin, CA   
Oct 05, 2016

They're very professional, very kind.

of Irvine, CA   
Oct 05, 2016

She was knowledgeable, and eager to help.

of Anaheim, CA   
Feb 24, 2015

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Yelp Reviews

Superior Service!

So I was referred to the Tustin Hearing Center by a state agency. And I am glad that they did so. The company is one of the best and most professional Hearing Aid services I have ever had the fortune to run across. And I have been rocking hearing aids since I was a child.

They are completely up to date with their technology and testing methodology. They do immediate follow up and double check to make sure everything is working out for you.  And they seem to have a wide range of models, price range, and styles available for the consumer.

I want to give a special shout out to Kasra Abolhosseini, who made it a point of recognizing the limitations that we had to work with, then found the best possible solutions fitting within the budget we have. I can't thank him enough for his services. He went above and beyond the call of duty!

of Costa Mesa   
Jul 25, 2017

Very happy with Tustin Hearing Center and Dr. Sneha Hinduja.  I've been a patient for about a year.  Lost most of my hearing due to genetic issue (I'm younger) and have been wearing devices for nearly 10 years now.  With Dr. Hinduja's help, was fitted with some newer devices that are AMAZING!  She was so caring, asking sincere questions to understand my needs (especially business meetings) and we reviewed several options.  Price is reasonable considering all the programming, fittings, batteries, cleaning etc was included.  Highly recommend!

of Irvine, CA   
Jul 21, 2017

I have to thank Tustin Hearing Center so much for the care and instruction I've received from their office. I am younger and knew I had some problems with my hearing in high pitches. I initially went to HEAR USA to get my hearing checked, and the woman/audiologist who helped me seemed extremely scripted and not educated. I felt extremely uneasy and decided to get a second opinion. I found Tustin Hearing Center, and the staff was extremely accommodating in getting me in for an appointment. When I arrived to the appointment, I was nervous that I was going to have a similar experience, but it was absolutely opposite. Not only were all of the staff extremely nice and helpful, the audiologists were extremely knowledgeable and heard all of my concerns. Dr. Alison Goren is the audiologist who helped me, and was so thorough and explained everything to me in depth. I felt extremely comfortable dealing with someone who talked to me as a person, rather than just another number. I appreciate the care I've received from this office so much. They even took my heath insurance! I am lucky to have found this office, and will continue to come for my check-ups. I would recommend Tustin Hearing Center to anyone who notices any type of hearing difficulties. I have already referred family members and friends! Thank you Dr. Goren and the entire staff at Tustin Hearing Center! smile

of Orange, CA   
Jul 13, 2017

This place is highly recommended! The staff is professional, friendly, helpful and listen to your concerns.

of Vancouver, WA   
Jul 06, 2017

Tustin hearing was referred to me by a friend and I couldn't be happier! They worked with me on what would be the best fit and were able to make payment arrangements very easily! They are so friendly and Amber, my audiologist, was patient, funny, and sweet! She really knows her stuff! I highly recommend coming here! I didn't think I would be able to afford to hear but they made it hAppen!!

of Laguna Beach, CA   
Oct 05, 2016

Well, by golly. I got a assisted listening device that is just stupendous! Although THC may not be the maker of the Surflink mobile, they brought it to my attention. The selling point was the microphone option and cell phone answering with no wires to my model! But....surprise! I found this device to have truly great music and audio playback. Far outperforming any other device I have ever tried. I am stunned. Only minor complaint is the body strength of the build for the device. Excellent work Starkey and THC. Stress is greatly reduced.

of Fountain Valley, CA   
Oct 05, 2016

What an awesome place!  My 90 year old father came to visit and one of his hearing aids quit working. They told us to come in and after waiting only 10 minutes they fixed it and didn't charge us a thing!  What fabulous considerate people!  They are terrific working with the elderly!

of Santa Ana, CA   
Oct 05, 2016

The best thing I can do for my friends with hearing loss is tell them to see Janell Reid at Tustin Hearing Center. With great patience and a caring attitude, Janell has worked with me to insure that I am getting the best results from my aids. She fitted my first set several years ago and, without any pressure, convinced me to upgrade as technology improved. The many people I've referred to her, including my husband, have had equally positive experiences.

of Irvine, CA   
May 23, 2016

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Zocdoc Reviews

2017 visit - Very professional staff. I had an excellent experience.

Jul 12, 2017

I felt that Janelle Reid, Aud. was thorough in her exam of me and a great deal of time was spent with me to make sure I understood my hearing problems.

Oct 12, 2016

Wasn't sure what to expect as at 58 I'm just not "mentally" prepare to accept I need hearing aids. After the initial consultation and hearing test I was quite confident to proceed with the Lyric that I had went in for. Janell and her associates were quite professional and not pushy with one product or another. Walked out sporting new hearing aids which nobody can even see while trying. Dang this keyboard has nice "clicks" I never noticed before.

Oct 12, 2016

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Facebook Reviews

Love this company!!! Best service ever! I can hear perfectly now!

Jul 18, 2017

Professional team with always a smile when you arrive and depart

Jul 07, 2017

At Tustin Hearing Center, I have had the best care I can imagine, for someone like me, who was recently initiated into life with hearing aids. Professional, helpful, thorough, and caring.

Jul 07, 2017

The most wonderful place for people with hearing problem . The staff is friendly and very helpful a 100 % professional . Thank you dr.Farrow for giving me the perfect hearing aid ( in previous hearing center in Mission Vijeho I was suffering only pain and frustration ...9 visit and no help ) Dr .Farrow fit me the hearing aid just on second visit ...two visit and I was done and happy !!! I recommend Tustin Hearing Center for everyone who need help ,don't waste your time and money for other facility ...go strait to THC and you'll be happy for ever !!! Jolanta Jemiola - THC happy patient

Sep 07, 2014

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