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Yelp Reviews

I'm so happy we came in and saw Dr. Kasra!
My father was very hesitant about the whole process of addressing his hearing loss. His hearing got to a place where he really needed to come in and we made the appointment. I was throughly surprised. Dr. Kasra was very knowledgeable and passionate which is so refreshing. He spent time explaining everything to my father. I am so appreciative to Dr. Kasra for his patience and understanding. Tustin Hearing Center and their staff exemplify what healthcare should be like. I highly recommend Dr. Kasra to anyone who wants to hear better!

of Rancho Santa Margarita, CA   
Nov 26, 2017

Alison P. Goren is quite a remarkable audiologists.  Professional yet she is personable, easy to communicate with.  I have been using Tustin Hearing for a couple of years now and the service (if I may call it that) and their recommendations for hearing aids last year was spot on  for my needs.  I would highly recommend this facility to anyone who is in need.  I am a teacher and the classroom with the engaging students can be quite challenging.  But the Oticons answered the call.

The hearing aids they recommended were Oticons with a blue tooth feature that is downloaded onto my cell phone.  I can lay the phone on my desk, make calls and handle paperwork at the same time while conversing.   Really amazing.  I can even listen to Pandora, slide the phone into my pocket and have a personal concert going on.  If I receive a call, Pandora goes to hold, and the cell phone and Oticons pickup the call.  Absolutely fantastic and well worth the money.

of Menifee, CA   
Oct 04, 2017

Tustin Hearing Center rocks the house! I have grown accustomed to my single-sided deafness for the past 10 years. Kasra educated me as to the benefits of wearing a cross-over hearing aid system. While remaining skeptical at first, the system is a life changer. I can converse in a car ride again, which I haven't done while driving for a decade. Tustin Hearing Center and my cross-over hearing aids have changed my life. Thank you all! Go see Kasra...he's the best!

of Buena Park, CA   
Oct 02, 2017

Such a life saver, or better said a 'hear saver'.  My hearing aids weren't working properly and when I called the office I where I had gone previously, they told me they no longer had an audiologist on staff and said I could go the LA office.  Since that was unacceptable, I asked for another option and they suggested the Tustin Hearing Center.  Oh thank you, thank you.  I called them and the pleasant person in the office was able to find an opening that very day.  Actually within the hour.   The staff was very friendly and helpful. It was determined that one of the hearing aids was broken.  Dr Hinduja fixed it on the spot and cleaned both of them for me.  My ears were back again.   I was pleased with the entire experience and will definitely be returning the Tustin Hearing Center for all my hearing needs.  Thank You!

of Palm Springs, CA   
Aug 01, 2017

Superior Service!

So I was referred to the Tustin Hearing Center by a state agency. And I am glad that they did so. The company is one of the best and most professional Hearing Aid services I have ever had the fortune to run across. And I have been rocking hearing aids since I was a child.

They are completely up to date with their technology and testing methodology. They do immediate follow up and double check to make sure everything is working out for you.  And they seem to have a wide range of models, price range, and styles available for the consumer.

I want to give a special shout out to Kasra Abolhosseini, who made it a point of recognizing the limitations that we had to work with, then found the best possible solutions fitting within the budget we have. I can't thank him enough for his services. He went above and beyond the call of duty!

of Costa Mesa   
Jul 25, 2017

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Healthy Hearing Reviews

Don Finnegan is excellent and very patient.

of Newport Beach, CA   
Nov 07, 2017

Dan has been very professional in working with me and my hearing problem.

of Newport Beach, CA   
Nov 07, 2017

Recommended by friends. Friendly, efficient and better than expected in every way. Very professional!

of Orange County, CA   
Nov 07, 2017

Dr. Reid and the entire staff are very attentive, pleasant and well trained. There is much they can do and are doing, to improve my hearing; more than I ever knew could be done. Thanks.

of Tustin, CA   
Oct 19, 2017

Very helpful in understanding Ken's hearing loss and what we can do about it. Everyone in the office is very friendly and makes visit pleasant. Good all around experience.

of Tustin, CA   
Oct 19, 2017

I have been coming here for years and 2 hearing aids. Recommended to several people and all of them love this facility.

of Orange, CA   
Oct 19, 2017

It has been life changing! Choosing the Lyric aid was definitely the right choice for me. Avoiding the worry, annoyance and maintenance of a "regular" aid was a high priority. Dr. Finnigan is amazing.

of Tustin, CA   
Oct 19, 2017

No one is better! You always make yourselves available for my needs. Thank you.

of Irvine, CA   
Oct 19, 2017

Janell and her wonderful staff get it. As the spouse of someone with hearing loss, I felt somewhat isolated until Tustin Hearing entered the picture. Janell in her gentle way explained how hearing aids can enhance communication and social life. It's true. (Once upon a time, after a stressfull afternoon, I said to my husband, "I need a kiss," to which he replied, "Why would I kick you?" Tustin Hearing became a part of our life after that!

of Orange, CA   
Oct 19, 2017

My experience with the Tustin Hearing Center has always been a very enjoyable one.

of Orange, CA   
Oct 16, 2017

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Facebook Reviews

I amazed at what I was missing before getting the hearing aids. Tustin Hearing Center is very professional, friendly and service oriented in a caring environment. Highly recommended.

Nov 08, 2017

Just got my first hearing aids and so far my experience with Tusting Hearing Center has been exceptional. Always friendly, conscientious and helpful.

Oct 17, 2017

I have been with Tustin Hearing for over 30 years and have always received great service. The technology has changed and I always get the latest. I have a Bluth Tooth connection with my cell phone and I can hear the phone call content better than I ever could for my entire life.

Oct 10, 2017

Great staff that really assist you get the right hearing instruments for you.

Oct 02, 2017

I have been going to Tustin Hearing Center for over 25 yrs. Jannell has always been concerned that my aids meet the needs of my hearing loss. She will do whatever is necessary to make that happen.

Oct 02, 2017

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Zocdoc Reviews

2017 visit - Very professional staff. I had an excellent experience.

Jul 12, 2017

I felt that Janelle Reid, Aud. was thorough in her exam of me and a great deal of time was spent with me to make sure I understood my hearing problems.

Oct 12, 2016

Wasn't sure what to expect as at 58 I'm just not "mentally" prepare to accept I need hearing aids. After the initial consultation and hearing test I was quite confident to proceed with the Lyric that I had went in for. Janell and her associates were quite professional and not pushy with one product or another. Walked out sporting new hearing aids which nobody can even see while trying. Dang this keyboard has nice "clicks" I never noticed before.

Oct 12, 2016

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