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Our Audiology practice has been serving patients in Orange County for over 30 years. Founded by Audiologist Dr. Janell Reid in 1989, we have since helped thousands of people hear better with Starkey as well as other hearing aid manufacturers.

Our Audiologists only work with the top hearing aid manufacturers and most advanced and effective hearing aids out there, which of course means Starkey!

Starkey Hearing Technologies is recognized for its innovative design, development and distribution of comprehensive digital hearing systems. They have recently launched a new line of hearing aids based on the company’s cutting-edge research in virtual reality, advanced neuroscience, and audiology and signal processing.

What’s new?

Livio and Livio AI

Livio® AI is the world’s first hearing aid that tracks brain and body activity, while also providing superior sound quality. It's the first-ever hearing aid to feature integrated sensors and artificial intelligence to optimize your hearing experience and deliver benefits beyond traditional amplification.

Livio AI provides:

  • Body and brain health tracking via your smartphone and the Thrive™ Hearing app
  • Superior sound quality, listening clarity, more natural hearing and effortless transitions
  • Peace and quiet while amplifying the important things, and helping you better understand conversations
  • Streaming of phone calls, music and messages directly to your hearing aids using your smartphone
  • The convenience of getting minor adjustments delivered remotely without having to schedule an office visit. 
  • Rechargeable and reliable hearing aids - delivering 24 hours* of superior hearing on one charge. Available only in the RIC R style.

Muse iQ, Halo iQ, and Soundlens Synergy iQ

There are many benefits to this new iQ line of products including more automatic program changes and more user friendly controls. These new devices use natural cues for spatial awareness and shift the hearing device microphones and programming to allow for clearer speech and a more natural listening experience in various noise environments. It also has given more options for volume control and memory programs to ensure you have a more personalized hearing experience.

Muse iQ hearing aids are available in custom, standard, and rechargeable options. SoundLens Synergy iQ hearing aids offer wearers an invisible, custom fit hearing solution featuring Starkey Hearing Technologies most advanced technology and supreme sound quality.  Finally, Halo iQ, powered by Starkey Hearing Technologies’ TruLink 2.4 GHz wireless hearing technology, enable connectivity with iPhone, iPad®, iPod touch®, Apple Watch®, and select Android™ devices, providing the most natural audio experience yet, immersing people in the sounds of the things and places they love most.

Some of the unique benefits Muse offers include:

  • High-quality audio experience with exceptional comfort for a personalized listening experience
  • Improved phone conversations with ear-to-ear phone streaming
  • Wireless functionality and connectivity with SurfLink accessories for remote hearing aid control and streaming capabilities
  • A dedicated music memory developed with input from professional musicians for a high-definition music listening experience
  • Customizable tinnitus relief with our Multiflex Tinnitus Technology integrated into the hearing aids
  • Simultaneous processing of multiple sounds for a unique and comprehensive listening experience that makes speech crisp and clear while preserving the natural sound quality of ambient elements
  • Clearer and easier conversations with precise speech audibility and accurate speech detection in difficult listening situations
  • No buzzing or whistling
  • Durability and dependability with our next-generation moisture and wax repellent, Surface Nanoshield
  • Enhanced radio sensitivity for increased streaming range, Muse offers nearly double the streaming range of our previous generation of wireless technology

Special for Single-Sided Hearing Loss

Within the Muse family, the new wireless CROS system offers hearing aids designed specifically to aid patients with single-sided hearing loss. A BiCROS solution is also available and can benefit patients with little to no hearing in one of their ears and hearing loss in their better ear.

Find out if Starkey is right for you! If you are interested in knowing more about Starkey Hearing Aids, call Tustin Hearing Center for your personalized appointment. We work closely with you to have a clear understanding and explanation of your personal hearing situation so we can provide hearing aid recommendations to meet your individual needs, with the complete follow up care that you deserve!

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