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Opn S

Oticon Opn S is engineered to better support how the brain processes sound, and allows the brain to follow and process multiple sound sources in noisy environments. As a result, listeners can confidently engage with the world around them. Previous hearing aids were designed to focus on the main sound in front and suppress background sound. Oticon Opn S opens up your hearing to a full 360 degrees so you can now focus on a conversation while staying attentive to people and things around you, and switch focus quickly and easily. Opn S adjusts and balances all the sounds around you, not just the ones directly in front of you.

In addition, with Oticon Opn S, you will notice a decrease in listening effort and an increase in remembering more of what people said to you. Oticon’s BrainHearing technology reduces cognitive stress and frees up the brain to perform other critical tasks. Through rapid signal processing, Oticon Opn S fuels the brain in complex listening environments, so listeners experience less mental fatigue, more energy, sharper focus, better speech recall and, most importantly, less social isolation.

As the world’s first internet-connected hearing device, Oticon Opn S offers a full array of wireless possibilities by connecting directly to your iPhone. A TV Adapter turns your hearing aids into wireless headphones. The Oticon ON App turns your iPhone into a remote control to allow additional control over your hearing aids.

Opn S Rechargeable

  • More reassuring – Charging your Opn S hearing aids overnight quickly becomes a routine. The charger gives them an overnight “home” so you always remember where they are, and you can count on a full charge in the morning, so you are ready for your day.
  • More convenient – There’s no need to replace batteries every few days. You don’t even have to open the battery door.
  • More efficient – Save the time, money and environmental impact of buying hundreds of batteries every year.

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One Connectivity System. Multiple Real-Life Solutions

What do you want to do? Watch TV, listen to music, use tablet or computer, and make and take phone calls. With ConnectLine and Streamer Pro you can connect your hearing aids to different audio devices and use them at a volume that suits you. You can also control them via your iPhone or Android phone.

With Oticon’s ConnectLine family of media accessories, their advanced wireless technology provides even more ways to connect. ConnectLine makes it easy and convenient to use Oticon hearing instruments as a personal wireless headset, enabling better connections with people, information and entertainment.

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