It is very common for people with hearing loss to ask their hearing care professional, “Do I really need two hearing aids?”  The truth is that there are many reasons why two hearing aids are often necessary, even if your hearing loss is a lot worse in only one ear.

Listed here are some of the top reasons two hearing aids are recommended for people with hearing loss.


Hearing with both ears allows the brain to identify sounds and distinguish them from background noise. This identification is only possible with two ears, and very hard with only one ear. Being able to hear out of both ears also impacts how well you are able to hear in loud situations, often an important concern for people who are hard of hearing.

Directional hearing

Wearing two hearing aids makes pin-pointing the direction of sounds easier and quicker. For example, in a group of people, the conversation can shift rapidly between speakers. It is a lot easier to locate the person talking when you can hear in both ears.


Wearing two hearing aids stimulates both ears equally. If you wear only one hearing aid, your unaided ear will miss out on a lot of sounds and the lack of use may cause the hearing in that ear to deteriorate faster.  Your brain also has to work harder when processing sound from only one ear.


If you opt for two hearing aids instead of one, you will experience twice the improvement. The volume won’t have to be as loud, you will understand conversations more clearly and life will be noticeably easier!

Better balance

The human brain is wired to hear the world with two ears – this is called binaural hearing. Treating hearing loss in only one ear can result in an unbalanced hearing experience.

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