The Big 5 Questions about on Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids

Q: When should I have my hearing checked?

A: Hearing should be checked routinely throughout your lifespan, just like your eyes and teeth. Attention to your hearing health will assist in maintaining optimal hearing and listening and avoid the consequences of “mishearing” in business, social and family settings.

Q: How can I tell if my hearing has changed?

A: Most of the time you can’t tell. Changes in hearing generally occur gradually and one may not notice unless it is a sudden onset. Family and friends are likely to notice a change in hearing before you are aware of it. Others can tell if you’re not hearing well!

Q: Who currently uses hearing technology and how would I know?

A: It is often impossible to tell who is wearing hearing aids because the current styles and technologies are virtually undetectable to others.

Q: When should I use hearing technology?

A: Whenever the situation or the limitations of your current hearing compromise optimal hearing and listening or increase your risk of “mishearing”.

Q: What if I do nothing?

A: The answer to this is: IT DEPENDS. For some, it will mean compensating in other ways while for others, it will mean being left out or avoiding the places and people they enjoy.

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