Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline

Over the last few years one of the hot topics in the world of Audiology is the link between hearing loss and cognitive decline. As we age, the importance of regular doctor visits and check-ups become increasingly more important for preventative care. However, hearing loss is often overlooked because it is an invisible ailment. Additionally, if not prompted by your physician, most individuals don’t think to bring it up or don’t think it’s important enough to bring attention to.

Recent studies reveal that untreated hearing loss is linked with social withdrawal, isolation from loved ones, depression, and cognitive decline. One reason for the link with cognitive decline is cognitive load. Cognitive load is the amount of stress we put on the brain. If you have an untreated hearing loss, the constant struggle and strain to hear puts a lot of stress on the brain and can in turn lead to cognitive decline.

So what can be done about this? Well for starters, get a baseline hearing test. Our Audiologist will then let you know if you have a hearing loss and what treatment options could help. If a significant hearing loss is present, hearing aids help to ease communication which leads to an overall increase in cognitive engagement and socialization. The overwhelming argument by researchers is indicating that keeping your ears and brain more active can help to slow the process of cognitive decline and can reduce your chances of developing Dementia by about 20%.
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