How often should I get my hearing aids cleaned?

Everytime you come in to see us at Tustin Hearing Center, we will clean and check your hearing aids for you to make sure they are working to their best ability. Cleaning and checking regularly helps to protect your investment in better hearing by keeping your devices running for many years. If left uncleaned for too long, wax and debris can build up in the device causing serious problems and decreasing its performance. We recommend getting your hearing aids professionally cleaned at least once every 6 months. Some devices may need cleanings more often but twice a year is a good place to start. We have walk in hours every business day from 1pm to 2pm, this is the perfect time to stop by and have one of our Doctors of Audiology get your hearing aids all cleaned up!

What happens after I get hearing aids from Tustin Hearing Center?

Once you are fit with brand new hearing aids from Tustin Hearing Center, you will have follow up appointments to make sure you are comfortable with them and also program them to your specific needs. Afterwards you will have semi-annual appointments with your Audiologist to clean and check your hearing aids and ensure they are always working to their best potential.

How often should I update my hearing aids?

Hearing aids usually last three to seven years depending on the level of technology, how well they are maintained, and your hearing loss. Some reasons you might want to look at new hearing devices are changes in your hearing, changes in technology available, and decrease in your hearing aids performance. It is a good idea to make an appointment with your hearing care professional if you have concerns about any of these areas.

How long does it take to adjust to hearing aids?

This is different for every patient but typically it will take a couple weeks to completely adjust to the world of sounds that come with your new hearing devices. For most first time hearing aid users, it has been many years since they heard the little sounds that day to day activities involve. Because of this, the first few days with new hearing aids may be a little overwhelming with new and unfamiliar sounds everywhere you turn. We understand this and will take you through a progressing process to help ease you into better hearing. We also have Audiology Assistants who are there for you every step of the way to help you with this adjustment period.

How is my hearing assessed?

When you come into Tustin Hearing Center, your hearing will be assessed by one of our Doctors of Audiology in a state-of-the-art diagnostic sound booth. To find out more about our HEARING TEST click here.

I have ringing in my ears, is this TINNITUS?

Yes. Tinnitus is the audiological term for any ringing, buzzing, clicking, humming, or other unwanted sound in our ears. This is caused by damage to our hearing cells and tends to cause frustration and annoyance to anyone who suffers from it. We have many options here at Tustin Hearing Center to diagnose and treat Tinnitus. You can schedule a full Tinnitus evaluation and consultation to find out more from one of our Doctors of Audiology.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

Yourself, a smile, and a loved one. Hearing loss is a condition that affects not only you, but the people who communicate with you on a daily basis. Because of this, it is very important for the Doctor to get your loved one’s perspective on your hearing experiences as well as yours. This helps get a more thorough picture of your hearing health so the Doctor can customize the treatment plan that will fit your specific needs.

How much do hearing aids cost?

This is a very common question we get asked! Here at Tustin Hearing Center we do things a little differently than other hearing centers in the area. What we provide are Hearing Treatment Packages. These packages include your customized hearing device, yearly hearing tests, repair & service warranty, loss & damage insurance, semi-yearly supplies of batteries, and full access to support from our 4 Doctors of Audiology and 3 Audiology Assistants. Our packages range depending on your hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget. We know that hearing aids are an investment so we work hard to give you the best tools to protect and get the greatest success out of that investment. We take care of your overall hearing health and quality of life, not just your hearing aid.

Are there invisible hearing aids?

Yes. Hearing aid technology has made great advances in the last few years and we are no longer in the times of those big and obvious devices that squeal all day long. When you come in and meet with one of our Providers at Tustin Hearing Center, they will work with you to determine a solution that will not only fit your budget and hearing loss, but also look the way you want it to! We have options that range from discreetly blending in with your hair to being so invisible that someone whispering right in your ear wouldn’t know it’s there. You can touch, see, and listen to all of these advanced hearing devices at your complimentary consultation with one of our Doctors of Audiology.

How can I help my loved one with hearing loss?

Here at Tustin Hearing Center, we know that hearing loss affects not just the patient, but their friends and family around them as well. Sometimes it takes a little push from one of those loved ones to help the patient get the help they need. Please see our HOW TO HELP YOUR LOVED ONE page here.

What can I expect on my first visit?

On your first visit at Tustin Hearing Center you can expect to be greeted with a friendly staff member who will get you prepared for your appointment. One of our Doctors of Audiology will then sit with you and discuss your personal concerns and hearing health history. Following this, your Doctor will perform a thorough examination of your ears and a hearing test in one of our state-of-the-art diagnostic sound booths. Afterwards you and your Doctor will go through an explanation of your test results and work together to customize a hearing treatment plan just for you.

What if I do nothing about my hearing?

The answer to this is: IT DEPENDS. For some it will mean compensating in other ways. For others it will mean being left out or avoiding the places and people they enjoy. To learn more about the impact of untreated hearing loss, read our blog article.

When should I use hearing technology?

Whenever the situation and/or the limitations of your current hearing capabilities compromise optimal hearing and listening, or increase your risk of “mishearing.”

Who currently uses hearing technology and how would I know?

It is often impossible to tell who is wearing hearing aids because current styles and technologies are virtually undetectable to others.

How can I tell if my hearing has changed?

Most of the time you cannot tell. Changes in hearing generally occur gradually, and one may not notice unless it is a sudden onset. Family and friends are likely to notice a change in hearing before you are aware of it. Others can tell if you are not hearing well.

When should I have my hearing checked?

Hearing should be checked routinely throughout your lifespan, just like your eyes and teeth. Attention to your health will assist in maintaining optimal hearing and listening, and avoiding the consequences of “mishearing” in business, social, and family settings.

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