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At Tustin Hearing Center, we love to stay involved in our community, be engaged with our patients and their families, and keep things fun in our office. Be sure to check in with us about our upcoming events such as Seminars, Presentations, “Better Hearing” events, and office activities! You are always invited!


Jan 27 - Jan 31, 2020

New Year Hearing Event

Recently, there have been many significant improvements from our top-tier hearing aid manufacturers, which may allow you to hear even better.

Come test-drive this new technology.

At this event, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Evaluate your current hearing devices
  • Update your hearing test
  • Discuss your daily activities and see if your current hearing aids are meeting your needs
  • Listen for yourself with our latest products
  • Test-drive our new technology with a 45-day risk-free trial.

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You Get Our

Personalized Patient Value Plan

when you purchase hearing aids from us*

  • Wide range of hearing aid options from our top manufacturers
  • Full access to our licensed Audiologists and Audiology Assistants
  • Follow-up appointments and routinely updated hearing tests
  • Speech Mapping, a fitting and verification method used to ensure that your hearing aids are programmed for your individual needs
  • 45-day return privilege
  • 3 years of loss and damage insurance*
  • Walk-in hours for troubleshooting and repairs
  • 3-year warranty on service and repairs*
  • Battery program included*
  • Friendly, personable staff that is here for you

*Technology Level 5,7,9

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