What’s New With Hearing Aids?

October 26, 2017    Hearing Aids, Meet Our Manufacturers

What’s New With Hearing Aids?

At Tustin Hearing Center our Doctors of Audiology have had the advantage of working with the new hearing technology in the hearing aid industry over the last several months, and we’re proud to tell you they are making a difference in the hearing and lives of our patients. Our Audiologists have the ability to hand select the best technology, and only work with the top hearing aid manufacturers and most advanced and effective hearing aids available! These top manufacturers include Oticon, Widex, Starkey, Resound, and Phonak! Hearing aids today are digital, wireless, rechargeable and discreet. Some are even invisible – such as Phonak’s Lyric hearing aid.

OTICON: Oticon Opn™

Oticon Hearing Aids

We are excited to say that Oticon has announced its newest product – Oticon Opn. This product combines breakthrough technologies proven to enable people with hearing loss to experience less listening effort and enjoy better speech understanding. Its processor chip is 50 times faster than anything Oticon has ever built which is a giant leap in hearing device technology.  Opn separates speech from noise and lets you focus on what’s important. And because Opn works in harmony with your brain to process sounds exceptionally fast, you get better speech understanding, less listening fatigue, and you’ll remember more of your conversations. As the world’s first internet-connected hearing device, Oticon Opn offers a full array of wireless possibilities by connecting directly to your iPhone. A TV Adapter turns your hearing aids into wireless headphones. The Oticon ON App turns your iPhone into a remote control to allow additional control over your hearing aids.

WIDEX: Widex Beyond

Widex’s newest product is Beyond, a new hearing aid that allows you to “design your own hearing”. Beyond gives you incredibly advanced overall sound quality. The Speech Enhancer feature helps you focus on speech - so you don’t have to strain to hear what the guy across from you is saying at a cocktail party. By taking your level of hearing loss into account, our Audiologists can program your hearing aid to match your level of speech understanding in each listening environment. The new Widex BEYOND Made-for-iPhone hearing aid is designed to deliver a high level of connectivity and sound. It automatically adapts your hearing aids to the listening situation you are in, making sure that the sound you get is optimized to the environment you are entering.

STARKEY: Muse iQ, Halo iQ, and Soundlens Synergy iQ

Starkey Hearing Technologies recently launched a new line of hearing aids based on the company’s cutting-edge research in virtual reality, advanced neuroscience, and audiology and signal processing. The new product lines – Muse iQ, Halo iQ, and Soundlens Synergy iQ – create a truly immersive hearing experience for patients. There are many benefits to this new iQ line of products including more automatic program changes and more user friendly controls. These new devices use natural cues for spatial awareness and shift the hearing device microphones and programming to allow for clearer speech and a more natural listening experience in various noise environments. It also has given more options for volume control and memory programs to ensure you have a more personalized hearing experience.

Muse iQ hearing aids are available in custom, standard, and rechargeable options. SoundLens Synergy iQ hearing aids offer wearers an invisible, custom fit hearing solution featuring Starkey Hearing Technologies most advanced technology and supreme sound quality.  Finally, Halo iQ, powered by Starkey Hearing Technologies’ TruLink 2.4 GHz wireless hearing technology, enable connectivity with iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®, Apple Watch®, and select Android™ devices, providing the most natural audio experience yet, immersing people in the sounds of the things and places they love most.

ReSound:  LiNX 3D

In a series that began with the world’s first Made for iPhone® hearing aid, ReSound LiNX 3D is the newest Smart Hearing aid from ReSound which means they connect with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices to make your hearing aids work like Bluetooth stereo headphones. ReSound technologies take full advantage of your brain’s natural ability to hear and focus on what’s important to you. LiNX 3D hearing aids deliver quality and clear speech understanding to provide you with a more vivid awareness of your sound environment.

PHONAK:  Phonak Audéo B-Direct

Phonak has just launched their Phonak Audéo B-Direct hearing device. The Audéo B-Direct is the first Made for Android hearing device and can connect to any phone with Bluetooth. This device functions just like a Bluetooth wireless headset by utilizing its built-in microphones to pick up your voice for phone calls. Now you can hear the phone ringing directly in your hearing aids. You also have the option to answer or reject calls with the simple push of a button on your Audéo B-Direct. Even if you’re on the other side of the room, you don’t have to reach for your phone – that’s what you call truly hands-free.


Lyric hearing aids were developed 10 years ago to provide effortless, 24/7 hearing to those with mild to moderate hearing loss. Lyric is the first 100% invisible hearing device. It is comfortably placed in the ear canal by a trained Lyric hearing professional. No surgery or anesthesia is required. It features a proprietary battery no bigger than a single grain of rice that allows for deep-ear placement in the ear and power to last for up to two to three months at a time. It can be worn while showering, exercising and sleeping. Lyric has been an excellent solution for many of our patients. In fact, 93 percent of Lyric wearers would recommend Lyric to a friend or loved one; 90 percent of Lyric users agree that their communication has improved since getting Lyric; and 86 percent of Lyric users are very satisfied with Lyric’s sound quality. Now Lyric is available in XXS and XXL styles with improved comfort for smaller ear canals and improved feedback control for larger ear canals.

Choice of Rechargeable Technology - Rechargeable hearing aids are convenient, easy to use and environmentally-friendly.

Phonak rechargeable hearing aids are the first to feature a specifically designed built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery that provides 24 hours of hearing with one simple charge. With 40% more power than conventional rechargeable batteries, lithium-ion is reliable and capable of supporting the superior technology and performance of Phonak rechargeable hearing aids. Now you can enjoy the freedom and confidence of knowing that your Phonak rechargeable hearing aids are conveniently charged and ready to take you through long days... and nights, if necessary.

Oticon OPN in now a rechargeable solution that can be retrofit to their latest generation of mini-fit Opn products. The hearing devices are recharged overnight for a few days of use. If you forget to charge them, you can use regular hearing aid batteries as well. More reassuring – Charging your Opn hearing aids overnight quickly becomes a routine. The charger gives them an overnight “home” so you always remember where they are, and you can count on a full charge in the morning, so you are ready for your day.

ReSound LiNX 3D rechargeable has all the features of ReSound LiNX 3D along with ZPower®, a rechargeable battery with all day power. LiNX 3D rechargeable hearing aids deliver continuous, uninterrupted power up to 16 hours with no streaming. They will last up to 14 hours with 2 hours of direct streaming.

Tustin Hearing Center is excited to have these new products available for our patients. For more information regarding these hearing aids please call us to schedule an appointment!