What’s New in Technology?

March 13, 2019   

What’s New in Technology?

WIDEX TV PLAY™ lets you enjoy outstanding TV sound directly to your Widex EVOKE hearing devices in three steps! Whether it’s watching the latest news updates, or just relaxing with a movie, TV PLAY provides direct stereo streaming to your ears so you can sit back and enjoy watching TV easily and comfortably again. With the patent-pending dual antenna technology, TV PLAY offers maximum streaming stability, so that you will never miss out on important TV moments.


Watch TV again, “Your Way!”  Tired of yet another device to place in front of your TV? TV PLAY’s award-winning design is easy on the eyes. Place it on display or discreetly behind the TV. The only thing sleeker than its shape is the set-up process which can be done in three easy steps!

  1. Connect TV PLAY to the TV
  2. Pair TV PLAY with Widex EVOKE devices
  3. Place TV PLAY discreetly in front of or behind the TV

With the easy-to-use EVOKE app, you can choose the sounds you want to hear. Whether it be balancing the sounds from your environment or choosing to hear more of the sound from the TV, you have the controls to make it happen. For more information about TV PLAY, ask your audiologist. For more information on TV PLAY, call us at (714) 731-6549.