What’s New in Product Development: Rechargeable Hearing Solutions

May 17, 2017    Hearing Aids

What’s New in Product Development: Rechargeable Hearing Solutions

Hearing aids with rechargeable batteries have been available from a few manufacturers for several years. Now, several manufacturers have released improved rechargeable solutions.

The new Audéo B-R by Phonak is a premium hearing aid, newly designed in nine colors, and o ers four performance levels. The new rechargeable hearing aid provides 24 hours of hearing on a single overnight charge. There is also a 30 minute fast-charging option that gives you an immediate six hours of use.

Audeo B-R features lithium-ion battery technology which is the fastest growing and most promising battery technology available. Additionally, lithium-ion batteries last through the lifetime of the hearing aid, even after years of repeated charging.

Oticon Opn is now a rechargeable solution that can be retro t to their latest generation of mini- t Opn products. The hearing devices are recharged overnight for a few days of use. If you forget to charge them, you can use regular hearing aid batteries as well.

Opn is the world’s only rechargeable hearing device with Oticon’s signature open sound experience. It also features BrainHearingTM bene ts which gives you 20 percent less listening e ort, 20 percent more capacity to remember, and 30 percent better speech understanding. The Opn miniRITE hearing device is upgradable, so if you have this hearing system we encourage you to consider the convenience of this rechargeable solution. It takes only a simple change of the battery door!

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