These Are Not Your Grandparent’s Hearing Aids!

May 16, 2018    Hearing Aids

These Are Not Your Grandparent’s Hearing Aids!

It would be naïve to say that hearing aids are embraced with the same warm hug as seeing eyeglasses are these days. However, we dare to ask that if it is fashionable to get a stylish set of eye glasses, why can’t we do the same for our ears!?  Good news….we are getting there! It is not uncommon to walk down the street today and see a businessman heading to work (appearing to be talking to himself), but in actuality has Bluetooth device resting behind his ear, or a bicyclist zooming by with a wireless music player.

The new generation of hearing devices are a complete 180 degree switch from the ones we envision when we think of the word ‘hearing aid’.

A myriad of advancements have been made, especially in regards to improved appearance, comfort and connectability……

1) Appearance

Hearing devices come in all different shapes and sizes. Some sit behind the ear and become virtually invisible under our hair, while others can sit in the ear canal, including the Lyric hearing aid which is 100% invisible and sits deeper in the ear canal.  The degree of one’s hearing loss plays an important role in determining what style and size will be appropriate for addressing your hearing healthcare needs.

2) Comfort

Many of our satisfied patients report that they cannot feel their hearing aids on their ears and even forget that they have them on! Customized solutions are also available. With certain styles of hearing devices, an ear impression is taken to design a custom product that is created for your unique ear.

3) Connectability

With the continuous advancement of technology, hearing devices have allowed people to function to the best of their ability. A major feature available now is Direct-to-iPhone and allows for wireless streaming to BOTH of your ears. Phone calls can now be heard in both ears in addition to your favorite tune! These options come with a FREE app that transforms your iPhone into a remote control, remote microphone and much more!
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