Team Summit 2016 – Choose Growth

October 4, 2016    Audiology, Community

Team Summit 2016 – Choose Growth

Some of you may have noticed Tustin Hearing Center closed its doors early on a Thursday afternoon, and closed during business hours on Friday, too. Well, that wasn’t the norm, was it? We promise we did it for a good reason!

Did you know that Tustin Hearing Center is an Audigy Certified Practice? You might ask yourself what that means exactly. Audigy Group helps private practice audiologists and hearing professionals excel in their businesses while allowing them to grow as leaders, while empowering and inspiring teams through superior tools and training. Audigy Certified practices are home to the most elite private hearing care specialists and staff. We are among the most experienced hearing care professionals.

What does it mean?

Audigy Certified practices earn this unique certification based upon a strict set of patient-care standards:

  • Unsurpassed patient satisfaction
  • Excellence through continuing education
  • Effective analysis and diagnosis of your hearing loss
  • Customized technology solutions that effectively integrate speech comprehension back into your life
  • Ongoing investment in the most advanced processes, procedures, and technology to ensure superior results for each patient

What this means for you

Our providers take the time to understand the way you live, your personal hearing needs, and your better-hearing goals. These defining traits help us build a more personalized and comprehensive hearing solution to make better hearing possible.

Audigy Group hosts events throughout the year, and Tustin Hearing Center had the privilege of joining them and other audiology practices for Team Summit 2016 in Las Vegas! Two days packed with keynote speakers and special workshops designed to learn new skills, sharpen old ones, and fuel our inspiration, so we can return to our practice and strive to provide the best hearing care possible to our patients! 

Every member of our staff plays a key role in our success. The workshops we attended were designed to target every position in our practice, and we worked together on team building in an atmosphere centered on its importance.

Appearing at the conference as a keynote speaker was business expert and host of CNBC reality series “The Profit” Marcus Lemonis. Also speaking at the event was Juliet Funt, CEO of WhiteSpace at Work, best-selling author of the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” series Sharon Lechter, author and body language expert Tonya Reiman, as well as workforce dynamics expert Seth Mattison.

We ended the weekend at the Team Summit Awards Dinner, where Dr. Janell Reid and Dr. Dan Finnegan were both awarded the Provider of Distinction Award! We are so proud of their recognition!


Take a look into our Team Summit 2016 photo gallery!

Tustin Hearing Center poses at Team Summit 2016!


Founder of Audigy Group, Brandon Dawson, takes the stage and encourages the audience to Choose Growth!


Seth Mattison reminded us that sometimes you just don’t feel like doing something. Sometimes, you will never ever ever feel like it. But, if you want achieve something, you must find the motivation to make it happen. You are in charge of your own accomplishments!


Do we have any fans of the television show, TheProfit? As one of our keynote speakers at TeamSummit2016, Marcus Lemonis captured the audience in his engaging talk! Dr. Farrow was able to meet him personally! Go Linda!


What is your defining moment? President of Audigy Group, Mason Walker, challenges us to think about our defining moments in life. What are your successes? When did something click for you for the good or the bad? How did it help you grow?


The team being silly and having a bit of fun at the photo booth!


While we love to work hard as a team, we also love to have fun together! After a full days worth of keynote speakers and workshops, we headed over to Gordan Ramsay’s restaurant – BURGR, and enjoyed delicious gourmet burgers and fries!


Our Patient Care Coordinators, Dawne & Stephanie, along with our Practice Manager, Neepa, snapped a picture with one of the Starkey Hearing reps at the Team Summit Awards Dinner!


Provider of Distinction Award. I spy Dr. Janell Reid!