A Message from Janell - Smart Hearing Aids through Automation

May 30, 2018    Hearing Aids

A Message from Janell - Smart Hearing Aids through Automation

Each year we have the privilege of attending conferences and manufacturer events where the latest advancements in hearing technology are unveiled. It is always an exciting time for us because we appreciate the efforts and resources dedicated to improving the lives of our patients through innovative new products. It is also evident that our manufacturer partners are listening to what patients want and need for improving their life through better hearing in complex environments. Among the latest advancements are SMART HEARING AIDs through automation.

This spring, we were introduced to the first hearing device to incorporate automation and machine learning. What does that mean? The newest hearing aid technology improves your listening experience automatically and can be enhanced, if desired, through your specific preferences. It’s pretty impressive! We will have monthly Better Hearing Events where we can demonstrate how this works and benefits you, while we also discuss your individual candidacy for these new products. We are confident that everybody is likely a candidate, so we look forward to seeing you at one of our events.

If there is someone you know who could benefit from our services and level of care, whether it be a hearing test or new hearing aids, please tell them about us or send them to us and we will take exceptionally good care of their hearing needs.

At Tustin Hearing Center, we focus on follow up care and making sure the hearing devices we o er are working to the highest performance and capacity. Don’t forget to schedule your follow up visits to keep your current hearing aids working at the best possible level!