Patient Spotlight - Liza Tilson

June 5, 2015    Patient Spotlights

Patient Spotlight - Liza Tilson

“I’m not sure that my story is very original – but I was having trouble hearing, and I realized that I was asking everybody to speak up and thought everyone was mumbling. I thought I was hearing just fine, but my granddaughter thought differently. At that time, I was living in Virginia Beach, and I would come to California to visit because that’s where my family was. My granddaughter kept saying, “Grandma, you need a hearing aid!” I was a teacher, and I wasn’t hearing well so she kept insisting, and I kept saying, “I do not need a hearing aid – I am fine! Well, she ended up making an appointment at Tustin Hearing Center without me knowing. She brought me in kicking and screaming. Turns out I had a hearing loss!

When I came to Tustin Hearing Center, everyone was delightful. Dr. Janell Reid was my Audiologist and she was as sweet as can be. I have been there ever since. I happen to be a writer - I have 3 books that I have written over the years. My first book I wrote at the age of 89, and my next book I wrote at 90! The office staff would follow my writing and when I had a new book out, they would buy it and applaud me.

Every time I come in, I feel very much at home. When I have a problem with my hearing aids, the entire staff is right here, helping me. I don’t understand why, but there is a stigma about wearing a hearing aid. But now they have some that are inconspicuous and completely invisible. I want to look into those for my next pair! I have had several pairs of hearing aids because I upgrade them when something new comes out. I am taken care of, and my hearing aids are too.

Tustin Hearing Center makes me feel comfortable. There is a positive atmosphere there and it’s very pleasant. You feel like you’re coming to a friend’s house – not a doctor’s office. They are professionals! It has been a positive experience for the past 25 years and I look forward to my visit every time I come in.”

-Liza Tilson Irvine, CA