Meet Our Manufacturing Partners: Starkey

September 13, 2017    Meet Our Manufacturers

Meet Our Manufacturing Partners: Starkey

Starkey Hearing Technologies is a privately held, global hearing technology company headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Founded in 1967, the company is recognized for its innovative design, development and distribution of comprehensive digital hearing systems. As the only American-owned and American-operated provider of hearing technologies, Starkey Hearing Technologies recently launched a new line of hearing aids based on the company’s cutting-edge research in virtual reality, advanced neuroscience, and audiology and signal processing. The new product lines – Muse iQ, Halo iQ, and Soundlens Synergy iQ – create a truly immersive hearing experience for patients.

There are many benefits to this new iQ line of products including more automatic program changes and more user friendly controls. These new devices use natural cues for spatial awareness and shift the hearing device microphones and programming to allow for clearer speech and a more natural listening experience in various noise environments. It also has given more options for volume control and memory programs to ensure you have a more personalized hearing experience.

Muse iQ hearing aids are available in custom, standard, and rechargeable options. The Muse iQ CROS and BiCROS systems offer pristine audibility and streaming for individuals with single-sided hearing loss.  SoundLens Synergy iQ hearing aids offer wearers an invisible, custom fit hearing solution featuring Starkey Hearing Technologies most advanced technology and supreme sound quality.  Finally, Halo iQ, powered by Starkey Hearing Technologies’ TruLink 2.4 GHz wireless hearing technology, enable connectivity with iPhone, iPad®, iPod touch®, Apple Watch®, and select Android™ devices, providing the most natural audio experience yet, immersing people in the sounds of the things and places they love most.

Tustin Hearing Center is excited to have these new products available for our patients. For more information regarding Starkey hearing aids please call us to schedule an appointment!