I Hear Too Good: A Firsthand Tale

October 8, 2019    Ask the Audiologist, Hearing Loss, Hearing Tips

I Hear Too Good: A Firsthand Tale

The majority of people diagnosed with hearing loss find themselves experiencing hearing difficulty years before actually finding out that they have measurable hearing loss. This gradual decline allows us to compensate for our declining hearing ability shown by turning up the volume of the television, asking people to repeat, reading lips and increasing our listening effort, especially in noisy settings. Because of this slowly progressing decline, we miss out on everyday environmental sounds without realizing so. We forget that, indeed, the refrigerator makes a low humming sound, keys jingle and birds chirp loudest in the early hours of the morning! When we finally treat our hearing loss, we may hear just a little too well at first!


The following list was presented to me by a patient at our first follow-up appointment after having worn hearing devices for two weeks:

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Dr. Kasra Abolhosseini

Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.)/ Fellow of American Academy of Audiology (F-AAA)

Tustin Hearing Center