How to Have Happier Hearing This Holiday

November 23, 2016    Community, Health and Hearing loss, Hearing Loss, Hearing Tips

How to Have Happier Hearing This Holiday

This time of year is full of festive fun and memory making. Make the most of your holiday season with these tips and tricks for your favorite holiday festivities. 

Concerts & Plays

Whether you're in a grand theater or at you're grandkid's school production, not missing a moment is essential to making lasting memories.


To help you better in these environments, ask about or advocate a teleloop system. This transmits sound from a microphone to your hearing aid without the distraction of background noise. Many venues have a signer to help those of varying hearing losses experience the performance.

Staying In Touch

If you have family all over the country, you know the importance of staying in touch. When you experience hearing loss, some of the most personal forms of communication can become frustrating.


To help ensure you're able to wish everyone in your life a happy holiday season, try our CaptionCall. This free assistive technology service helps with landline phone conversations by displaying on a screen the words of the individual you're talking to - insantly.

Video Messaging

Try Skype or FaceTime. These applications give you the advantage of being able to see the person you're speaking with for lip-reading, and you can adjust the volume as needed when talking to friends and family.

Around The Table

Food is a big part of the holidays - we want to help you get your fill of both the festivities and your friends and family with these better-hearing tips for the table.

Speak Up

If you feel comfortable, a gentle reminder prior to a conversation to slow down, speak up, and speak directly toward you will go a long way for you, and those in the conversation.

Pick A Place

Sit near a relative you'd like to talk to and won't mind repeating comments for you if you miss something. Also, sit at a place at the table where there is less noise to interrupt your conversation. 

It's Party Time

The more the merrier, right? Parties are another fun part of the holiday season, whether you're celebrating with you're co-workers, your family, or your friends. Put your best foot forward with these communication ideas.

Turn It Down

As you know, background noise can be very distracting. The hostess's job is to help you enjoy yourself, so if you feel comfortable, ask them to turn down the music or television. We're sure everyone will appreciate not having to yell!

Smaller Groups Are Best

Situating yourself around fewer people can help you focus more on what they're saying - as well as boost you're hearing confidence.