Hearing Aids in a Private Clinic Versus Costco

September 11, 2019    Community, Hearing Aids, Hearing Tips

Hearing Aids in a Private Clinic Versus Costco

We are often asked if the hearing aids sold at Costco are the same as the products that are fit in the private clinic.  The answer is similar to the famous Hertz commercial, “not exactly.”  For an example, Phonak/Sonova is a major manufacturer of hearing aids and they supply products to both Costco and private clinics.  While both the devices at Costco and private clinics are good and are based on the same computer chip platform (Marvel), Costco offers a defeaturized model compared to the private sector.   Among options that are not included with the Costco version are tinnitus features, telecoil options, and access to Roger/FM accessories.  Private clinics, like Tustin Hearing Center, work directly with all of the major manufacturers and have access to all of the models with the latest features in the industry.   If you want the most advance hearing technology, visit a professional at your local private clinic!

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Dan J. Finnegan, Au.D.
Senior Audiologist
Tustin Hearing Center