Going beyond hearing aids…these devices help you hear even better in difficult situations!

January 12, 2018   

Going beyond hearing aids…these devices help you hear even better in difficult situations!

Remote Control

A user-friendly device that gives you a better control of your hearing aid functions. With a small remote control you can change the volume of your hearing devices as well as the program. This is a great accessory for someone who visits multiple sound environments throughout the day and needs some control on the go.

Phone Streamer

Whether you struggle with calls on your cell phone or landline phone there is an acces- sory to help. A phone streamer can connect to your hearing aids and your phone to be able to stream the phone call directly to your ears through a Bluetooth connection. This device is great for anyone who struggles with clarity and understanding on phone calls. It allows you to hear the caller through both ears and at a volume that is suitable for your hearing loss.

Smartphone Apps

Certain hearing aids are now compatible with iPhones and Androids and have apps available to download and use in conjunction with your devices. These apps turn your smartphone into a remote control, audio streamer, and remote microphone all in one! You would be able to discreetly change the volume and settings of your devices with the touch of a button. Also, if you have an iPhone you can stream all of your phone calls and other audio directly to your ears for a wireless, hands free listening experience.

TV Streaming Device

A great device for anyone who has di culty hearing and understanding television.
This multi-media device connects to your home television and your hearing devices to stream the sound directly to your ears. This allows you to hear the television at the vol- ume you need to be able to understand and allows the other people in the room to hear the television at a volume that is comfortable for them.

Remote Microphone

This device is a small discreet microphone that can be clipped to the speaker’s lapel or placed on a table in front of a group of speakers and stream their voices directly to your hearing aids. This allows for much better clarity in di cult sound environments such as lectures, group meetings, and noisy restaurants. These microphones can provide clear speech for up to 30 feet from the speaker.