December 5, 2018    Hearing Aids


It is a known fact that investing in better hearing can carry a large price tag.  Your “shopping instinct” may tell you to browse the internet and save money by purchasing your hearing aids online. Why not? We buy our airline tickets, cameras, furniture, and even our cars online.

But, buying hearing aids online is not as straight forward as one might think. 

It’s best to first ask yourself some important questions before making that important decision regarding treating your hearing needs. Can an accurate hearing evaluation be done online? Can a personalized discussion about your communication needs and lifestyle requirements be done online? Are you able to easily obtain continued support, maintenance and who will provide adjustments to assure you are hearing well?   Lastly, how will you determine which one is best for you with all the possible choices out there? 

The biggest issue with online hearing aid purchases is that it assumes all that needs to be done is put those hearing aids is your ears and TAH DAH, instant hearing.  Going this route is likely to end up causing you a big costly headache.  You may run the risk of owning an ineffective product you are unlikely to wear.  Now, what the next thought, hearing aids don’t work and I have just wasted money. 

When you buy a hearing aid online you miss out on the personalized attention needed to assure you are successful hearing in the situations that are important to you.  The management of your hearing loss requires an expert, who is highly trained and educated in hearing health, and committed to your hearing needs.  Your hearing care professional is your advocate to assure that you are properly diagnosed, treated, and fit appropriately.  The continued maintenance and care that your hearing professional provides will protect your investment and allow for years of better hearing with your hearing aids.  How’s that for cost benefit? 

Hearing aids are a big investment in your future health and well-being.  Make sure you do it wisely and know that alone it is just a hearing aid, but in the hands of an expert, it is the key to a better way of life.  

Linda Farrow, Au.D.