Battery Life… how to get your money’s worth.

May 10, 2017    Hearing Aids

Battery Life… how to get your money’s worth.

“Warning, battery low.” This is a very well-known phrase all hearing aid users are accustomed to hearing when their battery is within its last few minutes of life.  Now, the big question for many is, “How can I make my batteries last longer?” Here at THC we know that batteries play an important role for better hearing, so we have a few friendly tips to prolong the life of your battery.

There are a few factors to keep in mind when trying to prolong battery life. One factor being the size of the battery, the bigger the size the longer the battery life, the smaller the size the shorter lifespan it will have. Another factor that applies to several hearing aids users is the amount of streaming they may be doing through Bluetooth connectivity accessory. Below are different battery sizes with the average lifespan, starting from smallest to biggest.

Size Color on Tab Average Battery Life
10 Yellow 5-7 days
312 Brown 7-10 days
13 Orange 10-14 days
675 Blue 12-20 days

*This may vary due to streaming/Bluetooth connectivity

1. Check the date

Like all products that are factory made, one has to make sure they are still within the expiration date. A helpful tip to remember for batteries though, is to make sure the expiration date is as late as possible and you are not using the ones where the date is within the same year of use. Although, you might have a battery with an expiration date of the same year it may not be as strong as if you were to use a battery with the expiration date set for 2 years from now. When in doubt you can take your current batteries to your local hearing health provider to ensure your batteries are at their prime to work at its best for you.

2. “Just a few more minutes…”

When we wake up in the morning we need a few minutes to get going and batteries are the same way. When you peel off the sticker tab from the back of the battery it is recommended that you give about 2 – 5minutes to get fully charged are ready to go. The reasoning behind this is the Zinc within the battery is activated as part of a chemical reaction with the oxygen in the air. By giving it those couple of minutes your will get the maximum charge you deserve.

3. “Open wide”

When wearing hearing aids always make sure that you are opening the battery door all the way to ensure the aids are turned off and do not drain your battery while you are not using them. Many times if the battery door is opened half-way it can still make contact and drain it, using a huge battery drainage by the time you do use them. A good way to ensure this will not occur is by being able to see the entire battery while in the battery door. That way you won’t risking losing your used battery, but also won’t have battery drainage.

4.  Sticking to routine clean’s & checks for your devices    

Being proactive with your routine cleans and checks with your hearing care provider ensures that your devices are being tuned up to specks. Your provider can do a deeper cleaning than what can be done at home, such cleaning battery compartments that have the tendency to build up rust and debris over time. If the hearing devices are not cleaned and checked regularly at least once every 3-4months then it lead to bettery drainage or even early device failure that could have been prevented with routine maintenance.