Ask the Audiologist: One Size Does Not Fit All

February 26, 2020    Ask the Audiologist, Audiology, Hearing Aids

Ask the Audiologist: One Size Does Not Fit All

Q. My brother has hearing aids that he likes. Will the same ones work for me?


A. The short answer is no. When it comes to hearing aids one size doesn’t fit all. At Tustin Hearing Center, we take each patient’s individual needs and hearing into account when recommending a hearing device. A hearing aid that one patient likes might not be the right one for another patient. We are committed to finding the right hearing solution for each individual.

At the time of your consultation, we will sit down and discuss your hearing difficulties and identify areas we can improve upon. We then perform a hearing test. Your audiologist will take this data and come up with a recommendation that best serves your individual needs. You will be shown different styles and models of hearing devices. We also explain the service and maintenance packages to help take care of your investment. An advantage we possess is the ability to utilize all of the major hearing aid manufacturers, so we have an arsenal of options at your disposal. We also show you how to use and maintain your new hearing aids. Our goal is to ensure you are hearing well before leaving our office.

A few weeks later, we meet with you again to follow up on your experiences. We can make adjustments to further tailor your devices to those experiences. Through a patient-centered approach, we are able to better serve you and come up with a personalized treatment and maintenance plan to give you the best listening experience possible. Call Tustin Hearing Center today at (714) 731-6549 to schedule a complimentary hearing consultation.