A Message from Tustin Hearing Center’s favorite pup, Gidget!

March 2, 2016    Patient Spotlights

A Message from Tustin Hearing Center’s favorite pup, Gidget!

All of us at Tustin Hearing Center were so excited to receive this letter from one of our favorite pups, Gidget!  Gidget’s dad, Bill, has been a patient of ours for some time now.  She wanted to share with all of you how much she loves her dad’s hearing aids.  She loves how well he hears with them, and she loves how yummy they taste!  She thinks they make the best chew toys!  Read more about what Gidget has to say, and useful tips on how to care for your hearing aids!


My name is Gidget Baker. That’s me in the lower part of this photo. My sister, Peaches, is above me. I have been asked to provide a testimonial about Tustin Hearing Center for the assistance they have provided to my Dad, Bill.

About three years ago after pestering from my Mom - Paige, my Dad finally made an appointment to have his hearing checked. Mom said he was “Hard of Listening” but Dr. Janell Reid diagnosed him as “Hard of Hearing” and a good candidate for hearing aids.

He got them, and what a difference it made at home...Dad can now hear Mom when she is talking to him from the kitchen, and he is in the family room or his study. He can even hear Peaches and me when we ask to go outside. Before, we thought he was ignoring us. Now, we know he just could not hear us.

As for me…I am most appreciative to THC for giving my Dad such tasty hearing aids. I have eaten at least four of them, and I have enjoyed each one. The texture, ease of chewing and the flavor...Wow.

Well, I think I have said enough for now, so I will sign off with many thinks for all the staff at THC for keeping my Dad in hearing aids and for giving me more opportunities to taste and enjoy them.

With much love and thanks,”

-Gidget B.

We hope that all of you enjoyed Gidget’s story, and that you listen to her warning!  Don’t let your pup eat your hearing aids!  Look out for small children, too – they like to play with them as toys as well!

Here are some more useful tips to make sure your hearing aids work their best so you can hear your best!

  • Handle your hearing aid with care!
  • Store your hearing aid in a safe place that's dry and cool
  • Try to keep your hearing aids in a case whenever you aren’t wearing them (not in a pocket or a tissue)
  • Change your hearing aid batteries often so they don't suddenly run out of power
  • Switch off your hearing aid when you're not using them. If you don't use it for a long period of time, remove the battery.
  • Remove earwax from your hearing aid to prevent temporary malfunction or permanent damage.
  • Clean your hearing aid using the small brush or the soft cloth that came with it. Never insert tools into the sound outlet. Doing so could damage the receiver. If you can't clean the hearing aid completely, ask your hearing professional for help!