Lyric Invisible Hearing Aids

Looking for Lyric invisible hearing aids? Think of Tustin Hearing Center!

Our Audiology practice has been serving patients in Orange County for over 30 years. Founded by Audiologist Dr. Janell Reid in 1989, we have since helped thousands of people hear better with Lyric and other hearing aid manufacturers.

Our Audiologists only work with the top hearing aid manufacturers and most advanced and effective hearing aids out there! These top manufacturers include Lyric!

Lyric hearing aids were developed 10 years ago to provide effortless, 24/7 hearing to those with mild to moderate hearing loss. Lyric is the first 100% invisible hearing device. It is comfortably placed in the ear canal by a trained Lyric hearing professional. No surgery or anesthesia is required. It features a proprietary battery no bigger than a single grain of rice that allows for deep-ear placement in the ear and power to last for up to three months at a time. It can be worn while showering, exercising, talking on the phone, and sleeping.

Natural Sound Quality

Lyric is placed deep in your ear canal and uses your outer ear to naturally direct sound into the ear canal. This placement helps minimize background noise, improve speech clarity, and deliver natural sound quality.

Now Lyric is available in XXS and XXL

Lyric is now available in XXS and XXL styles with improved comfort for smaller ear canals and improved feedback control for larger ear canals. Lyric technology is constantly evolving to meet the needs of both the hearing care professionals and patients.


Benefits of Lyric Hearing Aids

  • 100% invisible
  • Lyric can be worn 24/7 for up to three months, without battery changes
  • No maintenance is needed, and no daily insertion or removal is required

Premier Elite Lyric Provider

Tustin Hearing Center is proud to be one of the Premier Elite Lyric Providers in the nation. Our Audiologists are specially trained to determine your candidacy for Lyric, place the Lyric device into your ear canal and program the devices for the needs of the hearing loss.

Lyric has been an excellent solution for many of our patients. In fact, 93 percent of Lyric wearers would recommend Lyric to a friend or loved one; 90 percent of Lyric users agree that their communication has improved since getting Lyric; and 86 percent of Lyric users are very satisfied with Lyric’s sound quality.

Lyric Hearing Aid Certified Provider

Find out if Lyric is right for you! If you are interested in knowing more about Lyric Invisible Hearing Aids, call Tustin Hearing Center for your personalized appointment. We work closely with you to have a clear understanding and explanation of your personal hearing situation so we can provide hearing aid recommendations to meet your individual needs, with the complete follow up care that you deserve!

We work with these top hearing aid manufacturers

Lyric Hearing Aids
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Starkey Hearing Aids
Resound Hearing Aids
Phonak Hearing Aids
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