Age of the device and use can take a toll on your hearing aids. Typically hearing aids need to be replaced approximately every 3 to 5 years. However, sometimes it’s more beneficial to attempt common hearing aid repairs first.

Hearing Aid Repair Troubleshooting You Can Do At Home

You may be able to troubleshoot or repair your hearing aid on your own. Here are a few common issues you can try to fix at home:

  • Replace the battery
  • Remove and reinsert your hearing aid
  • Clean your hearing aid
  • Replace the wax guard
  • Open and close the battery compartment
  • Check your settings

For more tips, please visit our How-To Video series.

At Tustin Hearing Center, our Audiologists and Audiology Assistants can repair or find the best solution to a non-functioning or damaged hearing aid. Call us or stop by to schedule an appointment and find out what options are available to get your devices working.

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