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During the hearing consultation, an Audiologist will discuss your hearing history to understand what factors have influenced your hearing, and also to gather more information on your personal hearing needs and any concerns you may have.  Following this, your doctor will perform a thorough examination of both your ears. In addition, a hearing test may be conducted – which is painless and easy.  After your Audiologist has evaluated the results of your hearing test, the two of you will review them together and develop a plan for the next steps.

It is important that a family member is at the consultation so they can be informed of their importance in your journey to better hearing. Bringing a family member will give the Audiologist access to a different point of view, helping them to formulate the most accurate result possible.

Your personalized one-on-one consultation will be with one of our Doctors of Audiology and will include the following:

Medical History

We will review your medical history, discuss your hearing concerns, and your personal listening needs with you to gain an understanding of what you are experiencing. How do you think you are doing in different situations? What are you doing to compensate for hearing issues in your everyday life?

The Ear Exam

This exam determines whether your hearing difficulty is caused by an obstruction–such as earwax–or caused by other contributing factors – such as damage to your ear canal or eardrum.

Hearing Tests

Our comprehensive hearing test determines if there is hearing loss, how much, what type, and what frequencies are involved. Your Audiologist will conduct a thorough assessment of your hearing in a soundproof booth. This test will tell us the real reason for your hearing difficulty and will help you and your Audiologist to find the right solution for better hearing.

Review of Your Hearing Solutions

If you have a hearing loss, you will also receive recommendations about actions you can take. You may receive information about hearing protection, communication tips, recommendations to visit your medical doctor, or advice about hearing instruments. You can often be fit the same day, or place an order for your hearing devices.

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