If you have never visited a hearing center you probably don’t know what to expect. Your first visit with us will be easy, informative, and a great start on your path to better hearing. You should feel at ease during this visit because you will have an opportunity to better understand your hearing needs and explore possible solutions.

At Tustin Hearing Center, our Audiologists specialize in helping patients with hearing loss to improve their life with our comprehensive hearing care and hearing solutions. By providing a full range of hearing care, including hearing tests and hearing aids, we are able to assist you with your hearing problem. If you or a family member is experiencing hearing difficulty, we are here to help.

We work with most insurance plans and are happy to verify your insurance benefit and have it ready at the time of your visit. If you do not see your insurance provider on this list, please give our office a call at (714) 731-6549 and we’d be happy to check for you.

What to Expect from an Audiologist Appointment

When you arrive for your appointment you can expect to be greeted with a friendly staff member who will get you prepared for your appointment. We want your experience with us to be easy and comfortable. If you have any questions before the appointment begins, please do not hesitate to ask – all of our staff members are happy to help.

To make the most of your appointment at a hearing center, it’s best to come prepared.

  • Before you have a hearing test, it’s a good idea to be sure that your ears are free of any serious wax buildup.  If you suspect that you might have excess wax, see your general doctor or ENT for help removing it.
  • List any symptoms you’re experiencing, and for how long.  For example – is the hearing loss in one ear or both?
  • Provide your medical history and key information, especially related to any problems you have had with your ears.  For instance – chronic infections, and injuries or surgeries.  A list of medications would also be helpful, since certain medication can affect your hearing.
  • Summarize your work history, including any jobs that exposed you to high noise level, or military affiliation.

Spend a few moments thinking about how hearing affects your life, what challenges you are experiencing, and what would improve if you could overcome these challenges.

Some questions you can ask yourself are:

  • What situations have you experienced challenges with your hearing?
  • Has your hearing been frustrating you?
  • Have your family members or friends mentioned anything about your hearing?
  • If your hearing was improved, how would things be different for you?

During your appointment, an Audiologist will discuss your hearing history to understand what factors have influenced your hearing, and also to gather more information on your personal hearing needs and any concerns you may have.  Following this, your doctor will perform a thorough examination of both your ears. In addition, a hearing test may be conducted – which is painless and easy.  After your Audiologist has evaluated the results of your hearing test, the two of you will review them together and develop a plan for the next steps.

Based upon your results, your Audiologist may recommend hearing devices and customize a hearing treatment plan personalized for your hearing needs. Your visit may also include a listening experience with hearing devices, when appropriate.

Did you know? Sound is an individual experience! Many people are surprised to find out that no two people experience sound in exactly the same way. Two people with identical test results may experience the same listening environment very differently. These differences are more than mere preferences. They reflect how each individual experiences sound. This is why the best listening experiences are those that can be customized to match your listening needs.

New Patient Forms

You may download our new patient forms here. Please print out the forms, complete them and bring them with you to our office when you come for your first appointment.

A hearing assessment by a qualified hearing specialist is an important step in learning more about your hearing. If you struggle to hear, there is something you can do to take control of the situation. Your hearing should not get in the way of enjoying your life. We offer complimentary consultations and are available to talk with you and address your concerns. We will introduce you to our office and staff as well as discuss your next steps. We make your first visit easy - call us today!

Don’t hesitate. Hearing loss may happen so gradually that it goes unnoticed. It is important to take ANY hearing loss seriously. Your sense of hearing is a vital link to your world – a source of pleasure, information, and communication.

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